For more information about the training or our introduction workshops call 0031302931298 between 7:30 and 8:30 AM Amsterdam time.

The 4th International Child’Space Training Amsterdam has started. We had the first segment in October 2017. You can still join the training and graduate. There are some things you have to do to make-up. You can read it on this page.

Enrolment between first and second segment to start in the second segment:

If you want to register, you have to fill in the application and registration form and send it so us with a photo. Your registration is valid once we have received the forms and the payment of the enrolment fee of €750 (+21 % VAT). If your application is accepted, you get an invoice to pay the segment price, which gives you immediate access to all the material of the first segment that is posted on a special website. You only need a log-in for that. This material are all the activities from the first segment in audio, video or both.  We have the policy that you must start at least in the second segment, otherwise you are too much behind to catch up. Please be aware you can only be certified if you have paid the total sum of the training, participated in the remaining segments and have completed the total make-up.

Make-up consists of:

  • 3 make-up days
  • DME assignments
  • Demo sessions assignments
  • 10 hours of extra practice

Three make-up days

There will be three Make-up days just before the second segment to make-up for practical hands-on assignments and the practicing with dolls from the first segment.

When: this will be on the 16th, 17th and 18th of April 2018. Working times 10 AM until 5 PM.

Where: in Feldenkraiscentrum Utrecht, 1ste Atjehstraat 2, 3531 SK Utrecht.

By whom: teachers will be Tjitske de Boer and our assistant in this training Doreen Bassiner.

Costs: No extra costs above the segment payment.

DMEs and demo sessions assignments

You get special assignments to show us that you did it and that you understand the material. It’s best to go twice through the whole material, but at least once. The material you need for the assignments you can download on a special website. With that material you can start to do the DMEs (Developmental Movement Explorations) at home and look at the demo sessions on video.  During the training you are coupled to one of the assistants or trainers. They will also look at your written assignments and discuss them with you, either during the training segments or on Skype.

Extra practice hours

In every segment, there are 5 hours of extra practice before class starts in the morning. Those hours are facultative for all the participants. For you it will be part of the make-up we provide for you. You have to be present and participating at least 10 times during the whole training. If you miss extra days, you can also make them up with a written assignment and attending the morning practices, 2 hours for each further missing day.

It is our intention that, at the end of the training, you get your certificate if you have done all the assignments.

The total costs of the training are

7000 € without VAT*  (+21% tax = 1470 €) – total: 8470 € To be paid in 6 payments, two upon registration (enrolment fee and first segment) and the other payments 6 weeks before each segment. The dates for payment can be found here. * VAT is Value-added Tax, BTW, Mehrwertsteuer.

The VAT is reversed-charged to you in your own country for:

1. persons from the European Union in the possession of a VAT ID number

2. persons from outside the European Union in the possession of a VAT ID number or another way of business registration used in your country.

Please note the VAT number on the application form, we need it to make the invoices.

The Registration is valid when the payment of the enrolment fee of 750€ (+21 % VAT) has been received by us. The enrolment fee is a deposit. This tuition down-payment shall be applied for each segment 100 € and the rest in the tuition payment for the final segment of the program. If you have any questions please mail