When Sharon arrived with Ben (3 months old) for the first group meeting, she was very direct: “I don’t think you can really teach me something new, it’s my third child and I’m here to spend quality time with him because at home I’m so busy with daily tasks.” I smiled and offered her to come with an open and curious mind to experience and learn as if he were her first child.

From the first lesson I noticed that Ben wasn’t very calm. He was in need of a lot of motion, in order to relax and couldn’t lay by himself on the floor for any length of time. When I spoke to Sharon, I understood that he spent most of the day in the carrier in a vertical position. When I touched him, I felt high muscle tone in most of his body.

With the help of the deep touch and tapping combined with singing, Ben gradually succeeded to bend his knees and even to be cradled. From meeting to meeting, Sharon was more involved, asked more questions and applied the touch, movements and recitations at home. The difference was very noticeable, Ben could spend now more time on the floor.

At the end of the workshop I received a letter from Sharon, expressing her gratitude for the quality and meaningful time she received with her third baby and for the opportunity to learn how to help him feel more comfortable and to develop in the best possible way.