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Places to stay during the Child’Space Training Amsterdam

Below are some suggestions of places to stay. Some are specific accommodations, others are general booking sites. Please note: contact the owner and make sure you get a written confirmation/receipt of your booking. We cannot make the arrangements for you, but feel free to ask if you have questions.

De IJsbreker

Eudes a/d Amstel, Weesperzijde 23, +31(0) 6 652461709

Miriam Oomens

Olifantswerf 46, Amsterdam, area Kattenburg.

Tel. +31(0) 20 634 93 00

Barbara Roodnat

Diemen 2 rooms 1 € 20 and 1 € 25 incl. a bike, from there it is appr. 25 min bike ride.

+31(0) 6- 21699476

Toetsie Zwitserlood

Amsterdam-Oost 1 room with double bed and 1 room for 1 person.

Sabine en Jaap

Sarphatistr. +31(0) 6 51832438,


Bij de Amstel

Willemien Veldman, Burmanstraat 9

res.:, +31(0)6 51579679

BB10 Amsterdam Holland

Theo & Beanke

Sleep Cheap

Ciska Wouters, Den Texstraat 15

Amsteldijk 82

Merel van Geel

She has a double bed in her living room and gives you her living room, but she only wants one person to live in her house. You can use the kitchen and balcony and bathroom. Miriam is not much home and is pliable to the rhythm of the guest.
+31(0) 6 34134388
Rental price: 45 euro per night


Lily Lorenz
Weesperzijde 81
1091EJ Amsterdam
+31(0) 20-6685463


Gijsbrecht van Aemstelstraat 15
1091 TB Amsterdam
+ 31 (0)6 52300555e


Sven van Kuijk, B&B105, Amsterdam, NL, +31(0) 6-27576709


Burmanstraat 11 hs , Amsterdam, 1091SG Netherlands
Double bed, 95 per night

Jardin Dreams Amsterdam

Karel du Jardinstraat , Amsterdam, 1073TD Netherlands

De Pijp on the other side of the Amstel. 120 per night. With double bed.

In the next neighbourhood, a little further away:

STUNNING apartment with balcony Amsterdam East!

Apartment for 2

Brand new home in Amsterdam East

Apartment for 4

Important is at least a note of 3 (better 3,5) or higher. At least 30 reviews.

Important is at least a note of 7 (better 7,5) or higher. At least 40 reviews.

During the summer time, it is also possible to stay on a camping in a “Trekkers Cabin” or