In our two year training program, you will learn to use movement and activities drawn from the human developmental repertoire. The program prepares participants for a role as nonmedical specialists working with parents to enrich their perception and interaction with their babies. It also supports infants’ developmental learning from birth until independent walking.

Participants will learn how to work with healthy babies as well as special needs babies experiencing developmental delays, restlessness or asymmetry in structure and muscle tone, neurologic and orthopaedic challenges, etc.

Who is the program intended for?


The training can be of value to anyone interested in:

learning about infant development

  • enriching their skills in interacting with babies
  • improving their ability to communicate with parents
  • learning ways to support parents’ bonding and interacting with their children
  • exploring the physical, social and psychological aspects of infant development in a family context

Professionals already working with children will benefit from a new vocabulary of using touch and other interactions to evoke a baby’s curiosity and speak to its developmental urge. They will also better understand development and the specifics of the way that parents and babies co-regulate. Those who are new to working with babies and parents will also receive all the background, skills and practice they need to begin making a difference in babies’ lives.

The program can be especially valuable to Feldenkrais® practitioners, occupational therapists, physical therapists, caregivers, child therapists, teachers, social workers, psychologists, and parents.

‘As a Feldenkrais practitioner my daily business is movement. I thought, that I have a good understanding about movement and patterns. Child’Space offer for me a new point of view for movement. Babies are playing with gravity as a very new thing in their life. Grown-up persons know gravity, but have no awareness of it and of their patterns dealing with it.
So Child’Space is bringing me back to my roots and let me experience movement from a baby point of view. A very big adventure.’  

                                                   Manual Reetz, Oberhausen


Non-Feldenkrais practitioners can also attend the training, provided they have taken at least 10 ATM (Awareness Through Movement) classes with an official Feldenkrais teacher before the Child’Space training starts.

For detailed info on training content, please see our full curriculum.

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