For children with special needs, like Lidia’s daughter Irina, the Child‘Space Method has prooven to be an effective way to help the child with special needs in the development and the use of himself. As you can see in this video series below the Child’Space Method works from sensorial stimulation and movement towards a moment of play and games.

In November 2009 Jasmine came with her mother for a few sessions with Chava during one of the segments of the International Child’Space Training Amsterdam. This is what her mother told about the history of Jasmine and why she came to Chava Shelhav for help.

“Here is a brief history of Jasmine: Jasmine had a stroke when she was 2yrs 6mths old (October 2008). Immediately after the stroke I began doing my own stroke research and came across Chava’s method and contacted her via email. We moved to Lyon in France in November 2008 and she went to a full time (day) rehabilitation centre for children. Jasmine was rehabilitated under this centre for approximately 1 year and had speech and language, hand and arm therapy, leg therapy, overall body movement therapy. She was on a variety of medications and been diagnosed with dysphasia, dyslexia and epilepsy. Jasmine began to take her first walking steps again in December 2008 (while banging on a child’s drum which was hanging around her neck). She was playing and concentrating on the drum and the walking came naturally.

We first met with Chava in Amsterdam in November 2009. In her first session with Jasmine, Jasmine used her right arm for the first time since her stroke. This was obviously amazing for us.” – Carly Fox, Jasmine’s mother

Her mother describes her as intellectually compatible with her age group. Emotionally, she can be very caring one minute and become aggressive the next.
Initially, Jasmine has refused to accept her right hand. Eventually she’s come to recognize it, but is unable to use her right hand and is very sensitive about people touching it. The mother describes this as the reason for approaching Dr. Shelhav.
The most important parts of the sessions with Jasmine are here to watch. If you want to share your thoughts or have questions about what you have seen, please do so in the comments below.