Back in 2008, following my interest in attending a study program concerning young children and Feldenkrais, I came across the Child’Space Method. I was a dancer, choreographer and a movement teacher for children of all ages and I was looking for a learning experience which would enrich my teaching and inspire me anew.

However, contemplating on my choice later on, I realized that taking part in the Child’Space International Training as a trainee, was the beginning of a life changing trip. I was instinctively preparing a whole new Space inside me to become a mother myself. I gave birth to my first child towards the end of my studies at the 1st International Child’Space Training Amsterdam.

Phoebe was actually a Child’Space baby. I remember enjoying so much having the opportunity to observe her, touching her with all the new ways that I was learning in the training, timidly exploring how to connect with her. Child’Space at that time provided me a secure framework to feel at ease in my new role as a mum in many different ways:  I experienced what it means to give time for things to occur, to show complete trust to the baby and value all little things she accomplished without feeling and saying the big “BUT..”sentence (A  BUT that is filled with concerns and expectations that take away the joy of the parent to just be there and watch what is happening right before one’s eyes). The baby was doing a great job and I realized that through my Child’Space experience I was practicing the ability to listen to her and watch her in depth.

I remember that period as a process of trying more to understand things  than doing things, except of the “tapping”. We did a lot of it and she enjoyed it so much that periodically she asked for it even when she became 4 years old. Overall, I was happy to be a studying mother at that time because in addition to all the above, it provided me the luxury of exploring all my arising questions in the context of my Child’Space studies.

As my daughter grew older, I soon started to practice Child’Space with other babies and after a while I got back again to do some make up segments as a trainee, attending the 2nd International Child’Space Training Amsterdam.

Very soon, I gave birth to my second child and I admit that my experience with Child’Space Method this time, was a different one. I felt more self-confident to focus in the way I communicated with my baby, right from the very beginning.

I can still strongly remember how responsive he was when I stuck my tongue out rolling it on my lips, making babbling sounds “mamama”or “bababa” and waiting for him to talk back to me and even making a gurgling sound when he laughed. We were both so happy having all those long and unexpected conversations and till now I value them as the groundwork of our parent and child attachment.

At that time, with Child’Space, I felt confident enough to practice tummy time with my baby from day one, as soon as we got back home from the hospital. Child’Space also gave me plenty of ideas to offer him later on during play time, ideas of homemade cognitive games to explore together and enjoy.( I remember him spending hours putting things in and out of boxes, fitting things into holes e.t.c.).

Child’Space Method for me happened to be synonymous with motherhood. It was a personal choice that became a professional one as well, later on. So I acknowledge it as irreplaceable and valuable knowledge that gives the opportunity for the parent to look, listen and understand his baby deeply in so many different ways and furthermore sense these effects in the relationship with his baby as she grows older.

I feel grateful that I have had this experience and also very lucky that I can share this extraordinary knowledge with other parents through teaching the Method as a practitioner.

Martha Kloukina, Child’Space practitioner.

Athens, 23rd April 2017