Athens, February 2016

The boy in the video Billy and his mother took part in Child’Space group lessons with me when Billy was 5 months old. They came back to me to have a follow up lesson when Billy became 11 months old. Billy was a typical development baby, so the mother didn’t have any particular worries or concerns about him, on the contrary she mentioned that she was enjoying him very much and she wanted to know more about the stage Billy was exploring at that time and about games that were suitable for his age. So, in the occasion of our lesson we discussed about cognitive games we play at this age for e.x. hide n’ seek, putting things into containers, playing with big lego’s, and how all that works in combination with fine motor skills development.

What is also interesting, in my opinion, to watch during the lesson, is how a secure attachment between infant and parent is expressed. The baby is open to the new challenges (encountering the practitioner, playing games) but shows always the need to look at his mother or even go back to her every now and then, in order to get reassured, to share his joy, to express feelings, to feel safe himself, before going back to explore the new challenges around him. The above behavior is typical for babies of this age that have experienced a secure attachment to their parent.

Concerning gross motor skills, Billy had just started to cruise at that time, so during the lesson we explored this movement and I talked with the mother about the importance of experiencing right and left direction in cruising, before exploring forward direction that he will soon do in order to walk. During the lesson, you can also watch how the baby gets back on the floor several times from standing position while holding on to the chairs and finally how beautifully he responds to the challenge of combining the movement of side walking with using rotation of the body. Towards the end of the lesson the baby manages to organize the legs underneath him and make this combined movement more smoothly.