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E-book Filling in the blanks

We will keep you informed about the training and the Child’Space method.

In this article, ‘Filling in the blanks’, Dr. Chava Shelhav shares how she came to create the Child’Space Method. She shares her vision on the child’s development and how the child’s way of learning is connected in relationship with parents and other caretakers. She talks about when and why intervention is needed and that early involvement in the developmental process can be a great help for the child and for the parents.

An important quote from Chava in this article:

‘I am not arguing that the infant cannot find a way to perform the necessary physical tasks.  I am, however, concerned with the quality of the functioning. It seems sensible to exploit the applying of minimal stimulus – at an early stage – to achieve maximum quality.’  – Chava Shelhav

And she quotes Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais:

‘Time presses on in growth and anything not attempted in its own time may remain dormant for the rest of the learner’s life’. – Moshe Feldenkrais, The Elusive Obvious

She and her team teach these and more ideas in the International Child’Space Training Amsterdam in a very practical way, with daily movement lessons called Developmental Movement Explorations (DME’s) and demonstration how to use it with baby’s and their caregivers.

‘Filling in the blanks’ is an article that Dr. Chava Shelhav wrote before she started to work on her book about the Child’Space Method. The introduction of the chapter from her book about ‘Turning over’ you can read on She wrote the book together with Orly Gat and Tomer Hollander.

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E-book Filling in the blanks
We will keep you informed about the training and the Child'Space method.
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