The first segment we had in April/May was a great success. All participants were happy with the way Ortal and Hila-Or teached us many secret baby steps in how to give parents more comfort in handling and playing with their babies. I have two really enthusiastic recommendation that hopefully makes you also enthusiastic.

“I really enjoyed Ortal’s and Hila-Or’s Advanced Child’Space Training on groups and it was very worthwhile for me.
Working already with groups it helped me to fill in many gaps. For example, it equipped me with many more strategies how to help parents facilitate their baby’s tummy time. I learnt how the parents can make use of various positions or use their own body to help make being on the tummy easier and more enjoyable for their baby. I liked the fact that Ortal and Hila-Or didn’t just insist on tummy time but searched for creative solutions to make this an easier situation for everyone.

To learn about swaddling and how to carry a baby in a carrier was very helpful when working with very young babies. I also gained more ideas about various activities like using physio balls in the lessons or letting the babies feel objects with different textures on their bodies. I look forward to the next segment where the learning will be related to rolling, creeping and crawling.

Ortal’s and Hila-Or’s teaching is clear, well-structured and compassionate and they manage to give each mother and baby individual attention. I can’t recommend this course highly enough if you work with parent and baby groups or if you are looking for new ideas in your individual work with babies.”

Sabine Blackaby Schmid, Feldenkrais and Child’Space practitioner

“Both Ortal and Hila-Or are not only very professional and have a lot of experience, but they do what they do with ease and elegance.  It was wonderful and enjoyable to see two masters at work!

The workshop deepened my understanding of the Child’Space method and will help me to draw the parents more into the sessions (also the private ones).  I will definitely touch not only the baby but also the parents with my hands and make them a part of it, not only spectators.  I have also learned how important it is not only to see the work a parent does in each moment but also to speak out what I see and to find kind words to empower the parents.

I have seen Ortal and Hila-Or building up an atmosphere of trust, respect and kindness – plus lots of fun for the kids and their mothers/fathers, and hope to learn this from them. The workshop will help me do this.

One scene I can remember very well: two mothers stand, holding their babies close to their chest, and they dance (as Hila-Or says “your pelvis is smiling”) and look at their children. This brought tears to the eyes of the people participating in the workshop.  Such an easy, every-day scene that can happen anywhere anytime if you create the space. It was wonderful!”

Lilo Fromm, Feldenkrais and Child’Space practitioner