Dr. Chava Shelhav developed her Child’Space Method because she saw that adult problems could be brought back to the first developmental years. As if it was not fully developed in the first place. To go through all those developmental issues through movement and through understanding will give those issues the chance to achieve its full potential.

I had emotional issues from my baby time. I knew that but understood during the Child’Space training what have brought them in the first place. The Child’Space training has given me the chance to understand, feel it very alive in

img_0766-002my system and then overcome those issues. Especially the second time I did the training gave me big insights about myself. And it could really be settled and be integrated in my functioning as a whole person: in my moving and sensing, my feeling and my thinking.

I belief that this process is largely evoked by the system in the Child’Space training: making the developmental movements in very detailed way yourself, seeing a baby or even more every day and working with each other or with dolls on the same theme.

Also in the feedback of others who have been in the Child’Space training it got mentioned.

‘So, for me this training was amazing because I learned a lot about myself. Also about movements, I missed in my childhood. I could learn and understand movements I didn’t do before. My daily life could get easier through the new movements I learned to do. I learned also a totally new way of teaching because I understand the movements now better. If I watch babies, children, adults moving then it was before this training for me always: ‘Wow, how much movement is there!’ I have not registered those movements before in myself, but now I do, now I can register that.’

Anna Stossier, Austria

‘I was a bit worried if I would fit in a group of experts, but it worked out very well.
The warm, caregiving, professional and very experienced staff did everything to make me feel supported and to catch up every time I couldn’t make it.
Even with my chronical health problems I could be part of the training and I have finished it.
The experiential learning processes and the support of the staff, worked surprisingly well on all kind of levels for me. It brings you to where it all started. To show you new opportunities to continue your own journey through all the aspects of life, like you never expected it before.’

Koen van de Wiel, Belgium

‘It opened a wide new horizon. And it seems to me that this is only the beginning of a process. As if I had gotten new glasses. I feel a deep gratitude towards all my Child’Space-teachers in Amsterdam being the basis and transporting this special training to me, and also towards the wonderful group of open-minded people from around the world who were part of my learning and pleasure.’

Mandy Kealy, Thailand

‘An important part of the training are the movements in which we do the developmental movements ourselves, the Developmental Movement Explorations (DME’s). I try to do DME’s at least twice a week, and I always feel myself better after doing lessons. My posture, feeling of self and my mood always improve. My husband also mentioned this and sometimes he says “It seems that you’re not in a good mood today, I will take Irina for a walk and you will do your movement lesson, ОК?”’

Lidia Lempiainen, Russia

If you have done the Child’Space training yourself you can write a comment in which you tell your story. What did you experience during your training? In what way, has it helped you to become a better version of yourself?

If you haven’t done the Child’Space Training, what do you know about your own issues connected to your baby time?

Tjitske de Boer, The Netherlands