As a Feldenkrais-practitioner I work quite often with the tapping. Tapping and squeezing seems to be something that ALL clients love regardless of their age, questions and problems. I use it also for clients with MS and Parkinson-disease. One (adult) Parkinson-client with severe constant and very unpleasant Parkinson-movements calms down the moment I start tapping, it`s unbelievable.

When I worked with a little group of young mothers and their babies they catch the idea of tapping pretty fast. And when they came back to the next session they told me: It works! It helps soothing the baby in just about any situation. And they also understand why it helps satisfying the needs of a baby so quickly.

Teaching ATM-classes I have Child’Space in my mind in the background all the time. I cannot clearly describe what exactly is different now, but it does change my work.
When I watch Chava or any other experienced Child’Space teacher working with a baby it is so obvious that the Child’Space access is a very natural way of helping a baby and his needs. And you can see the results and the pleasure and the satisfaction of the baby being supported on its way of learning.
My attitude towards babies changed to a great extent. To see them as a personality from the very first moment and to get in touch with them according to this knowledge, that makes a big difference.


And this knowledge is also part of my general attitude in every-day life. Towards adults, towards babies, and even in general towards any creature. It opened a wide new horizon. And it seems to me that this is only the beginning of a process. As if I had gotten new glasses. I feel a deep gratitude towards all my Child’Space-teachers in Amsterdam being the basis and transporting this special training to me and also a wonderful group of open-minded people from around the world who are part of my learning and pleasure. ”

Dorette Grottschreiber