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Scholarship Fund International Child’Space Training Amsterdam

This winter I started collecting money for a scholarship fund for the Child’Space Training. It’s by now a small fund and I raised the money solely from the people I know. We, the Board of the scholarship fund including me, are looking for ways to make it interesting for a broader crowd. This scholarship is especially for people from countries where the wage height is much lower than in Western Europe and who have insufficient means to pay for the Child’Space training.

At the moment, we can give 2 persons a scholarship of 15 – 26% of the trainings fee. On top of that, I can give an extra discount of 10% as organiser from the training for all trainees who are selected for this scholarship.


The Board discussed at length about criteria regarding the Scholarship Fund. We concluded that motivation is the best way to look for whom to choose.

  1. We want to know why you are interested in this training, what your background is (previous trainings and working field), what you want to do when you finish the training, etc. So, a deep motivational story about your intentions.
  2. We are a small fund with limited means with which we can only support a few people. Can you tell us why you need the support of the fund?
  3. We ask from you when you get the scholarship, something in return: organising a ‘community project’. This means to give something back by giving free courses for baby’s and their families (or for a symbolic prise) in your own neighbourhood. Or to arrange free information lessons in day care centres or whatever field you chose to be working in. We would like you to make reports from those events: written and with some photos to show our donors how their donations help supporting parents and baby’s. And on the other hand, it helps you to become an excellent practitioner.
    We want to know if you think this is a fair request and are willing to organise such a project.


You can send your application to the board of the Stichting Scholarship Fund International Child’Space Training Amsterdam at You can send in your application until the 15th of July.

If you are one of the selected trainees for the scholarship first you must register for the training and pay the enrolment fee. After that the scholarship will be discounted from your segment invoices each segment. Part of your segment will be paid by the Stichting Scholarship Fund International Child’Space Training Amsterdam. You don’t get the money directly.


The Board decides who will get a scholarship and who doesn’t. My role at this stage is strictly advisory. There is a small committee that will decide based on your motivation and plans who will get money from the fund. And of course, it will depend on how many people will ask for financial support.

If you have any further questions, please just ask. We can also phone. If you give me your phone number and a possible time I can phone you or we can Skype! You can also direct your questions to the Board of the Stichting Scholarship Fund International Child’Space Training Amsterdam at

With warm regards,
Tjitske de Boer