For more information about the training or our introduction workshops call 0031302931298 between 7:30 and 8:30 AM Amsterdam time.

Starting in the second segment in April 2018 and doing the Make-up for the first segment.

You can still join, the details about the Make-up and the training are linked on this page.

Hands on demonstration
Hands on demonstration


We had the first segment in October 2017. You can still join the training and graduate. There are some things you have to do to make-up.

About the program

In our two year
training program,
you will learn to use movement and activities drawn from the human developmental repertoire.

Training dates

The program is split over two years into five segments. Each segment consists of 5 course days, 1 rest day and 5 course days.

Child'Space Training program


Dr. Chava Shelhav will give the trainings, as well as Child’Space practitioners
Tjitske de Boer
and Orly Gat.


Our training offers two working models:
1) individual lessons
2) group sessions in both models the parents are present.


We offer Introductory Workshops where you can experience a part of the training program and get the possibility to ask your questions about the training.

Child'Space Training program


The tuition fee depends on the date of registration and can be split into several payments.


The classes will take place in central Amsterdam at a beautiful and well-equipped training center


There are many places in the area where you can stay. We offer some specific options.