This story is about how the Child’Space approach also helps grown-ups miraculously. Monja shares her experience with Chava and her team. I got permission to share it with everyone who is interested in the Child’Space Method. This story is too long for this blog section. If you want the 2nd part you can comment on this story and you get entrance to the next session.

Dear Chava,

I would like to share my heart-warming experience using the Child’Space method yesterday with you.

I was contacted last week by a man Vuyisile Radebe who has been diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease in 2016. His symptoms started in his shoulder after running the Comrades Marathon (89km Ultramarathon in South Africa). His system is deteriorating fast, he cannot speak any more, he communicates through a computer system using his eyes. He types with his eyes and the computer sounds the words. He cannot use his arms and cannot walk by himself. Vuyisile read the Chapter about Feldenkrais in Norman Doidge’s book “The Brain’s way of healing itself” he contacted me to ask if I would be able to help him. I agreed to see him at his house which is not very far from my private practice.

After he made contact with me my intuition took me to thinking about how the Child’Space work could help him. My thinking went in the direction of seeing a man who is like a child (Baby) and that what I have learned in your training might eb the best approach.

Vuyisile sensing his feet like new after one of the sessions

When I arrived Vuyisile said that he must tell me something before we start. He has a constipation problem; his bowels do not go without taking laxatives and that it has been 3 days since he had bowel movement. I thanked him for sharing with me and I told him that hopefully my lesson would help. Together with his care giver we managed to get him comfortable on the floor, he chose to be on his back. I supported his head with his firm pillow and put a bolster under his knees. The carer moved aside and sat on a chair to observe. I started with tapping and squeezing his legs that were very tight. The tapping and squeezing especially allowed me to then lift and bend first his right leg towards his belly, his hips were also incredibly tight. The tapping and squeezing released his tight muscles and spasms a lot and I could bring his leg over his hip joint at a 90-degree angle. His breathing immediately started to change, and he started passing wind. I repeated on the left exactly what I did on the right side., He passed more wind.  I then moved to his arms which are now as thin as my wrists, very fragile. I started tapping and squeezing his arms and hands and fingers. I did the same on his chest and ribs, I could sense that at this stage of the lesson his system went into a deep calming state. I worked on bending his elbows and pressing them into the floor as well as his shoulders. I went back to his legs and I could bring both up to his belly much easier than before. I worked a bit on his abdomen and lower back, taking over the work of the tight muscles. I ended the lesson and sat next to him on the floor and asked him how he is feeling. He opened his eyes and burst out crying. I held his hand and said that it is ok, he is allowed to let go. He told me that I have warm hands 😊. It is very difficult to hear him speak so the carer helped me to bring him back to his chair so that he can use the computer to tell me how he feels. Whilst waiting for the computer to reboot I showed the carer the tapping and squeezing. I let the carer practice on me as well. I asked him to do this as many times a day as possible with Vuyisile, even when he is sitting in his chair.

Vuyisile told me that he “went very far” during the lesson. I asked him where did he go? He said to my childhood! I smiled. He told me that he has gone through every imaginable abuse and trauma as a child. We spoke for a while and then I needed to go. I spent 2 hours with him at his house. He wanted to know if I could see him every day.  I told him that I would not be able to see him every day as I am very busy in my private practice. I will have a look at my schedule and send him some options.

I received a message late last night from Vuyisile thanking me for helping him. His bowels went last night for the first time in 3 days without any laxatives.

Your work is amazing Chava, I am so grateful to be part of the Child’Space Method.

Thank you!

A warm hug from very hot Johannesburg.

Monja Boonzaier

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