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Welcome to the International Child’Space Training Amsterdam

Our program trains movement practitioners and therapists to expand their practice by specializing in children’s treatment.

The Child’Space Method uses movement exercises to encourage proper development in babies, creating happy, healthy children.

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In this article, ‘Filling in the blanks’, Dr. Chava Shelhav shares how she came to create the Child’Space Method. She shares her vision on the child’s development and how the child’s way of learning is connected in relationship with parents and other caretakers. She talks about when and why intervention is needed and that early involvement in the developmental process can be a great help for the child and for the parents.

Gonny Tromp Pikler Pedagoge
I’m really enthusiastic; I can see the effect on the babies – they respond instantly to the touch. The first thing parents/teachers who witness it say is that they can see the baby enjoys the contact, that the baby senses something and is alert; they see that the baby starts to move more. The parents also enjoy it; they’re happy to see how their child reacts.