A Child’Space session in pictures


Start on the back.

A session often begins
by revisiting early movements
and functions that belong to
this position. The girl’s mother
is close by on the right.



02-communicate-with-touch-and-movementConnect through touch, voice and expression.
Communications go both directions in every channel.
In this photo, Chava is helping the baby feel her foot
and ankle and the connection, which in humans goes
all the way up through the pelvis and spine, including
the shoulders and head. Sensing this connection
leads to well-coordinated actions.





Move to a more
advanced position
Learn to shift weight,
move, act and play
from here.





Move to an even more
advanced position.
On her knees, shifting weight
brings a larger change.
She learns to use her hands
for stability.



Give her independence
to move and play
Now she is choosing the subject
to explore, using the shifting
of her weight coordinated with her
hand, arm, head and eyes.




Leave her space to explore.
She immediately puts to use
the clarified feelings of her body’s
structure and dynamics.